The Cafe Owner

My name is David Batallones (aka. Taurson) and I am a freelance artist who enjoys drawing adorable things, mostly ponies, and who also loves coffee, thank you for coming to check out things here.

Here you'll find information on commissions, as well as links to my Etsy shop, and my social accounts.


Sketch $20

+$10 Per Additional Character

Lineart $40

+$20 Per Additional Character

Colour $60

+$30 Per Additional Character

Cell Shade $80

+$40 Per Additional Character

For other items, like emotes, contact me for quotes.
Backgrounds, anthro, or overly complex characters will cost extra!


Check out my shop on Etsy!
I have neat things. Like stickers, keychains, charms, and enamel pins!

Click the Images to see for yourself.



I stream, somewhat regularly, on Twitch.

You'll find me doing art, chatting, and playing games. (Definitely not sleeping.)